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e0049409_124358.jpgI have time for knitting at last. I've been working on two big essays last few days and I just managed to get rid of them ;) No more studying!e0049409_1241230.jpg
My silky cape in the pic, is coming along really slowly. You can see little progress compared to what I posted last month. It's just taking so long..but i have to finish it before working on summer camisole! I found a fabulous knitter in my choir last week. She was wearing her blue 透かし模様 shawl which looked so beautiful, and I asked if I can have a copy of 編み図. And u know what she brought for me? the FRENCH knitting magazine!! I can't understand a single word in it>< She said she can teach me read through, but well, no luck....><
by zoomz | 2006-05-30 11:40 | Knitting


e0049409_19464376.jpgI had to read Durkheim for coming essay but my concentration did not last, because of thunder and lightning outside. Tsuyu season all the way.
e0049409_1945453.jpgSo, like always, I ended up doing this. I'm knitting (crochetting) parts of room shoes for myself. Because I tend to shuffle (i don't realize tho ><) the bottom part started to ripped out..And some corsages, just for fun :) They will probably go with bags and hats, no plans yet. Now I really should start reading.....!
by zoomz | 2006-05-23 19:19 | Knitting


e0049409_20581528.jpgWe had a surprising guest today! only for a couple of minutes though :)
A cute chubby PHEASANT was taking a break in my garden!
My sis luckly took a picture of it. I've never seen it so close before.
by zoomz | 2006-05-22 20:51 | Others


e0049409_20541225.jpgGuests coming over the weekend. I like people coming over, because that's when my house will look nice and clean. I need good reason to clean up my room, it requires lots of effort u know:p e0049409_20542480.jpge0049409_20543735.jpg
While my mom making main dish for supper, I made a mini-apple pie and a cheesecake (as usual) but this time, Manhattan Cheesecake. I actually have no idea how is that different from NewYork Cheesecake though..(does anybody know) Anyway, the guests seemed to like it, but my family were like 'geez, it's her cheesecake again..' Well, there's more to come!
by zoomz | 2006-05-15 20:06 | Others


e0049409_2233610.jpgSpring is gone>< (that was quick) Now we are having Tsuyu, the rainy season. It's also freezing, feel like we are back in winter. So I pulled out my short bolero this morning, to wear it to school (I thought I wouldnt wear it till next winter season) then I realized there is a hole at the end of sleeve!! がぁぁぁん。I'm too lazy to fix it..and I don't really know how..><
by zoomz | 2006-05-14 21:43 | Knitting


e0049409_22245880.jpge0049409_22251722.jpgRicky took a walk by himself today.
I was so worried if he got lost in the back mountain or if he got hit by a car or if someone took him away because he is soooooo cute! ;)
Then he came back after two hours. TWO hours! What's he's been doing those two hours? No one knows.
by zoomz | 2006-05-10 22:11


e0049409_17164.jpgMy little sister has been reading me a book, the Narnia series by C.S Lewis. We didn't like the movie very much and we find original books much more interesting, so we've been reading them over again.
While listening to the story (i'm too lazy to read myself) I finished crochetting this one. Thanks for those who finally figured this out as a Tulip :p
by zoomz | 2006-05-05 00:58 | Knitting


e0049409_2359476.jpgOdd weather we are having these days. It was freezing yesterday (5 degrees) and it was nice and warm, almost hot enough..e0049409_23592982.jpg
We know from experience that we'd better stay home during the Golden Week in Karuizawa because you will stuck in a traffic jam and won't be able to go anywhere anyway. So we decided to do some work in a garden. Trees are shining, flowers and plats starts to flourish, spring is definately here!
by zoomz | 2006-05-04 23:48 | Others


e0049409_2342333.jpge0049409_23451797.jpgIt was just right day for painting! (annual event for the Golden Week) A good friend of mine from neighborhood came and helped us out, (thank you brother!;)) We finished alot earlier than last year, so that we had enough time to prepare Sukiyaki for supper! I was tired by then and I was falling a sleep in the middle of conversation..It was a pleasant tiredness though, after physical work, surely better than that of desk-computer work.
by zoomz | 2006-05-03 23:17


e0049409_02152.jpge0049409_0302574.jpgMy aunt got me fancy yarns from California! Aren't they just pretty? This is the colour I like; not pink-pink ones but wine pink. Of course, she knows me!!:) Those yarns, I saw similar ones at Kimura Yarn Shop in Kichijoji, and it was something like 850 yen each.Expensive..e0049409_0282344.jpg
Then next day, she went out for shopping while I was gone for school, and got me another 15 yarns for me!!!! These ones, 30 yen each! :0 Total: 450 yen! What a difference. 
I've been using my imagination what I can knit with these yarns, this will be fun!
by zoomz | 2006-05-02 00:39 | Knitting

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