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Quite amount of knitting I've done this week after I came back from Kochi, Shikoku trip. I couldn't really knit on a plane.. :( It was a short flight but I wonder how people can knit on a plane.

These past three days I've been helping mom making Osechi for New Year, cleaning around the house and stuff. But I managed to make some time for knitting, here is one of the accomplishments.

This is my second Chain-Petal Scarf here. Notice the difference BEFORE and AFTER ironing! It straightens up and looks so much better now. Ironing is really the key for finishing up projects I figured :)

Yarn: Victor - ESCORT 50g
Needle: 一本針15号
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e0049409_2113388.jpge0049409_21135641.jpgJust a quick post of my Christmas holiday trip Shikoku.e0049409_21144419.jpg
e0049409_21145657.jpg I couldn't really knit on a plane, a flight attendant kept bothering me with drinks :p Oh well.
Nagano, where I live was approx -3 degrees when I left in the morning, and it was 16 degrees when I arrived in Kochi Ryoma Airport. What a huge difference! This is a picture of Shimanto River (with my feet!) the clearest river in Japan, where we spent quite time doing nothing but sitting there in its beauty :) Oh then, I found this vintage yarn spining wheel people used back in 16th century Japan, at Uwajima Castle Museum in Ehime. I have no idea how this works though :p
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e0049409_15331818.jpge0049409_15334038.jpgI said to myself not to buy anyting at Christmas Knit Exhibition Ginza, oh well I purchased this book anyway. I couldn't help :p There are wonderful Nordic knitting techniques inside, including Naverstickning 白樺編み(also called as バスケット編み?). Here is my first trial, it's not so complicated as I expected to. It's so much fun!
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e0049409_23455594.jpge0049409_23463137.jpgIt was somewhat challenging to knit gloves for my dad because he has the thickest palm with bulky fingers! I had to make so many alterations and adjustments. (making fingers was most difficult part) But it came out fine and he seems to be happy with that so I'm glad!
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e0049409_12595362.jpge0049409_1323621.jpgGloves again. Some knitters get obsessed with socks but for me gloves is my focus nowadays. Here are some pictures of my fourth pair in progress. I'm having hard time knitting fingers!><
by zoomz | 2006-12-20 13:04 | Knitting | Comments(0)


e0049409_9431837.jpge0049409_9433735.jpgHere is James Dean Sweater Book that I got yesterday from second-hand book store. e0049409_9452336.jpgIt's funny how it says 'A man who looks the best in sweater'. I'm not a big James Dean fan but I thought it would help me to make a sweater for my dad. But the book includes not only sweater knitting patterns but also long and detailed explanation of his film, biography, plus, most suprisingly a calender at the back of the book too! :0
And did you know that there's is James Dean's brand yarn shown in the pic? Has he ever imagined that his name would become yarn brand 50 yrs after he died! Interesting.
by zoomz | 2006-12-19 09:49 | Knitting | Comments(0)



Yarn : Katylana SOFT Black -- 80g, 75m
Pattern: My original
Needle: Crochet needle 8/0

This was left over yarns too, I've been wondering what I can make out of it. The yarn is 100% Nylon but it's incredibly warm! Wearing this for a walk with Ricky this morning, my mom said 'you look like a junior high school girl'..hm..perhaps I'm not going to wear this to university.><
by zoomz | 2006-12-18 11:40 | Knitting | Comments(0)


e0049409_2236456.jpge0049409_22385069.jpgGloves. This is my third pairs and I'm working on another pairs now for my dad. Busy, busy. My first pair was a disaster, it was such a mess with five needle tangling up with yarns! And I found this page explaining how it should work, and it helped me so much. See, I'm improving! (hopefully)e0049409_228976.jpg
by zoomz | 2006-12-17 22:36 | Knitting | Comments(0)


Dolls are almost always 'female', and I decided to make mine rather 'boyish'. (a primary reason is that I didn't have much yarns to make long hair to make it a girl) :p

Anyway, I crocheted blue hat to match his sweater, and I only have to do his face at the end. I'm not into making dolls particulary, (dolls scare me somtimes) but having made it this far, it's actually nice and cute! :)
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e0049409_2274996.jpgI've been doing intensive knitting for this leg warmer for my little sister. It was this Sunday when she asked me to make a leg warmer for school.
She requested furthermore: it has to suite well with school uniform, so no
fancy stuff with design. Length has to be below her knee. Top and bottom have to be little tight so it stays, but middle part she wants rather loose-fitting. On the top of that, she wants it by Thursday!!! She is so very demanding but I did it. I'm such a nice sister, don't u agree?
by zoomz | 2006-12-13 22:14 | Knitting | Comments(0)

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