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e0049409_2324177.jpgMarch 3rd is a celebration of Hina-Matsuri, the Doll's Festival in Japan. I personally do not really care about dolls, but they say it's one of the important Japanese traditions. Since there are three girls in my family, likewise there are three pairs of dolls. Plus, my family has this old dolls from The Edo Period, (perhaps more than two hundred years old) e0049409_23243383.jpgand we are the 6th generation to carry this doll from ancestors. It's very valuable and heavy I know, and they look freakin' scary!! But at the same time they are profoundly amazing, the quality of clothes, the face expression and the marvelous colours..they are art treasures. By the way, male doll standing beside me, is suppposed to be my future husband.. Anybody looking like that? :p
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e0049409_1947039.jpgContinuation of my trip review to Hokkaido.. This is a picture of little town called Monbetsu, with a rising sun from Okhotsk Ocean. It's unbelievable that such tiny town can have their own airport..anyway, I call this town プレハブタウン, I really wonder how people survive through severe winter with such prefabricated houses, cold cold cold! :0
e0049409_19523799.jpgAbashiri, 3 hour drive from Monbetsu, is famous for huge, historical prison which I did not go, but passed by to go eat Abashiri Crabs!! Yup, it was the best crabs I've ever eaten in my life. So fresh and tasty even w/o a source!
e0049409_2023423.jpgThen in Lausu, the southern Shiretoko Peninsula, was gloomy and very windy that i could not even walk straight. (see, no one's out there) We had a friend there and he showed us around the Deep Ocean Water facilities in which Lausu city benefits alot from.e0049409_2024759.jpg It was interesting to learn how the deep ocean water affects the marine producs (sea urchin and kelps) as well as for human body. And the whole city was excited for their new project of constructing Ocean Station like building that is already in operation now. Interesting:)
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It was sooo freezing outside so I decided to be a 'domestic girl' again. I skimmed all the recipe books that my mom has, and baked cookies and tartes. e0049409_21501443.jpge0049409_21502785.jpg
Let me present you here..
Rosemary Cheddar Cheese Cookies, and Blueberry Creamcheese Tarte! Looks yummy doesnt it. ;) My dad and my sister didnt like the cookies at all, saying like

'These are not sweet enough...' Well, people, these cookies are not supposed to be sweet! :p At least my mom liked it. The tarte, everybody loved it including my friend at work. It was fun cooking, but u know what's more great about cookin? To give what you have made to people around. That's the best part of it :)
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e0049409_23254630.jpge0049409_23265156.jpgJust a quick review of my trip to Hokkaido!
The weather in Okhotsk Monbetsu, Abashiri was beautiful, just a little bit chilly of course. -20 degrees!
e0049409_2326249.jpgI'm impressed with a vast extent of white plains covered with thick snow, it must be beautiful during summer with greens and I have to come back summer time.
e0049409_23263590.jpgThis is a pic of Ice Art of Swans, and the real ones in Kussharo Lake. And swans, swans and swans, everywhere :p To be continued...
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A knitting update.
Just one sleeve is done today.
Long way to go.


Another Room Shoes! Yeah, this is, the third pair of room shoes this winter. Now my other sis wants me to knit one for her...another long way.


Then I need to buy white yarns for spring sweater ;)
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e0049409_2354034.jpgOne of our close friends family invited us to their resort apartment for the weekend in 嬬恋, the northern Karuizawa. I had wooden cottage sort of house in mind, but it was actually big apartment complex in middle of forest. It looked so neat inside, with a swimming pool, onsen (hot spring) including sauna and bubble bath, and fantastic view of Mt. Asama from massage room. It was more like a hotel with great facilities. Only one thing, we forgot to take a pic of us all together!!!>< We really should have taken some, when we were sleighing and screaming like crazy on the slope! Thank your very much Family A (for short^^) for the fun time together! We still have to go snowboading next time!
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