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e0049409_16161337.jpge0049409_16162487.jpgTadaa, it's finished at last! It was one of my biggest projects of the year and I'm happy that I've done it! Though, some unexpected things happened in the way, I learned a lot with my mistakes.
I already have my eyes on next project - white fair isle sweater, that I posted a picture of it last week. Another big ones it will be! :)
by zoomz | 2006-09-28 16:17 | Knitting


e0049409_15532379.jpgI didnt mean to buy yarns today, I really didn't. But they began to sell new yarns for this winter and I just couldn't ignore it. 5 yarns - that's all I bought but I'm already feeling that I should probably have waited for my payday coming next week.. >< Anyhow, this is one of the quick projects starting this week. I know the pic is a bit blurry but I like the color. It should be finished sometime soon!
by zoomz | 2006-09-27 15:37 | Knitting


e0049409_15273526.jpge0049409_15315458.jpgAll parts are ready now, and all I have to do is simply put them together but somehow I've been leaving them for a week. I guess I don't want to rush into finishing part, that I want to enjoy the process more..I don't know, it's complicated feeling.

V-neck part of the sweater went pretty well I think, though I made more stitches than I supposed to, haha! Oh well. :p In the meantime, I started two new projects, one baby cardi and winter stole. I will soon upload some pic of them! :)
by zoomz | 2006-09-26 15:19 | Knitting


e0049409_2357294.jpgLook at these cool needles with lights! Then I can knit at night or knit in a car, neat! I found out about them at Lion Brand Yarn, but I doubt we have any of them yet in Japan.. last time I went to Yuzawaya I couldnt find them so. I want them, I want them so!
by zoomz | 2006-09-22 23:40 | Knitting


e0049409_17421537.jpg'Respect for the Aged Day'..that's what we had yesterday as a holiday, the 18th Sept. I have only one granpa and we usually give him a call but this year, I made something different.e0049409_17423394.jpg

Again, my favorite room shoes. ;) It's easy and it can keep your feet nice and warm during cold winter! I will visit him this weekend and hope he'll like it!
by zoomz | 2006-09-19 17:36 | Knitting


e0049409_0161526.jpgFireplace is on. It's almost freezing and I keep sneezing inside the house. Here comes the season of knitting! (for me it's all thru the year..;))

Looking through the gallery from Gedifra, I found this lovely sweater shown here in pic. I totally love this design, doesnt it look so beautiful and brightful. I'm so determined to knit this. I meant not exactly this, but something similar - white base sweater with flower fair isle. Pretty pretty.. Gotta finish up my v-neck sweater soon!
by zoomz | 2006-09-15 00:03 | Knitting


e0049409_16201066.jpge0049409_16195815.jpgI just got back from rafting trip in Gunma, Tonegawa River.

It was super fun and I've got sooo many pics but here's some of them. e0049409_16165263.jpge0049409_1617650.jpg
It was raining all day long but that was in fact the best condition for rafting and we've come as far as 10km from the starting point (as supposed to 2 km in average)
If you never tried rafting, I strongly recommend it! :)
by zoomz | 2006-09-12 16:14 | Travel


e0049409_23412594.jpgNot that I've finished my v-neck sweater, but I had to make something different, to feel a sense of accomplishment :) e0049409_23413776.jpg Repeating the same pattern for hours can be boring sometimes. So here it is, orange アラン模様 hat, which took me about 3 hrs. For those who want this pattern, you can get it HERE, the easiest pattern ever for a quick hat! (provided by Clover!)
by zoomz | 2006-09-08 23:22 | Knitting


e0049409_17433124.jpge0049409_17435097.jpgBoth sleeves and the back are done, which leaves the front to go. I left the front to knit the last and I know I'll have hard time knitting the 'V-neck' part..well we'll see how it's turning up. I don't know what in the world is happening but my sis started knitting last night! Sitting in a couch, knitting together brings a double fun! ;)
by zoomz | 2006-09-05 17:29 | Knitting


e0049409_21165380.jpge0049409_21171210.jpgWhen I'm not working, I'm pretty much knitting. I've got so many projects on my needle at the moment. Here to show you some of them...I will upload more pictures later on! Happy knitting :)
by zoomz | 2006-09-04 18:18 | Knitting

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