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e0049409_22371978.jpge0049409_22322391.jpgIt's not that I can go and eat this kind of food so often, that's why I have to share here.
It was such a fantastic lunch I had yesterday at French restaurant SHIZUO TOKYO. OMG, every little bit of source, every small vegitable tasted beyond my imagination. e0049409_2233515.jpgThe first salad plate, a fresh cream with 'western wasabi' as they call it and dried tomato struck me immeditately.
On desert, we had a combination of balsamic vinegar and a pine nut source and European pear with milk icecrean on the top. Think about it, balsamic vinegar on desert! So fancy and unique idea. Every dish was a surprise, and very good ones!
by zoomz | 2006-11-27 22:41 | Food


e0049409_9193622.jpge0049409_9195229.jpgI've been forgetting that I am actually an university student. They have mid-term exam coming up, and so do I. I just realized that. ><
So the Roberta lido vest must be finished this week and I'm rushin up for it. It's not finished and needs just a little final touch :) It's been great to use Roberta yarns, I loved it!
by zoomz | 2006-11-24 09:23 | Knitting


e0049409_15471247.jpge0049409_1545367.jpgIt was such a nice surprise when I received a whole package of Dia yarns today! from whom? - the great Wool Mark Company who is apparently hosting this present campaign from October. (you still have a couple of week to apply for it!) The package came with simple vest pattern and 6 Diacreateur yarns. Though it is not my best color, if I buy them it will cost me ¥5500 all together! Lucky me :)
by zoomz | 2006-11-22 15:49 | Knitting


e0049409_1024978.jpge0049409_102624100.jpgI have started my new project - a traditional Aran sweater. I have tried some Aran patterns before but not as complicated as this here..It really keeps me busy and takes so much time! I love this bumpy pattern at the center! :)
by zoomz | 2006-11-17 10:32 | Knitting


e0049409_11205349.jpge0049409_11211866.jpgSo many yarn left overs - how do you consume those? Big issue. If it's thin yarn I can probably crochet tiny motifs but thick yarns like this, crocheting is not the best way I thought. Here is one of my ideas, mini- cushion! Choosing colour out of many left overs is the fun part. Mini-cushion #2 is coming up soon! :)
by zoomz | 2006-11-16 11:15 | Knitting


e0049409_10234076.jpge0049409_1027541.jpgYarn used: Olympus Silky Coffret

I cannot even remember when I started this, it must have been this March or something, it's quite long ago.e0049409_10281872.jpge0049409_10254554.jpg

I left it 80% done, and today I finished the rest. But I don't feel any sense of accomplishment, I forgot how this was shaping up. I forgot its progress you know. Thus, here is my conclusion: never leave your project more than half a year!
by zoomz | 2006-11-12 10:30 | Knitting


e0049409_015782.jpge0049409_024215.jpgWithin my 10 days holiday, I've finished two projects: the Ribbing Cape below and Silver Pick Tanktop right here. I had 5 yarns prepared for this but I only used half of it, good good! e0049409_0171673.jpge0049409_015463.jpgAs you can probably point out, I'm not good at picking stiches to change into a circular needle.e0049409_0231960.jpg e0049409_15511358.jpgI always wonder where to pick up, then soon after I realized those little holes behind. So hard. But I also realized that I like the circular needles more than straight needles, it just goes more faster and easier I think. What I'm really proud of this time, is that it finally turned up to be my size, at last! :) I can now wear it myself and walk around say, 'this is my original!'
by zoomz | 2006-11-08 00:43 | Knitting


e0049409_17495573.jpge0049409_17491963.jpgFor I've been always knitting with cheap yarns, I could really see and feel the difference..

Here, is the famous Roberta di Camerino brand yarn!! Price? - I got three for 2900 yen.e0049409_17493752.jpg

I'm knitting a vest now which needs no more than 4 yarns..But let's say on sweater, it will need like 8-9 yarns, so roughly speaking 8000 yen? wow.
But it really feels nice. Soft and smooth! It's just something very pleasure to knit with. Hmm...but not for sweater.
by zoomz | 2006-11-04 17:39 | Knitting


e0049409_17285953.jpge0049409_1730940.jpgFinishing up my Brown Ribbing Cape, I came across a selection of bottons that were to put on the top. And I never realized how chosing bottons can be so fun! Though there were not much choices, I spent like an hour to finally decided what to use. I have a feeling....that I'll be also addicted to collect bottons! and I know La droguerie is the best place to go to!
by zoomz | 2006-11-03 17:14 | Knitting


e0049409_17534683.jpgI know it's getting colder but I want to try something light and lacy. Lucky Clover Lace Wrap from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation is exactly what I mean, but I'm not used to read english knitting patterns so it might be hard...Then, one of my favorite Japanese knitters, ミミロクさんhas done the exactly the same design! Look how she has done it here, it's amazing..
by zoomz | 2006-11-01 17:43 | Knitting

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