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e0049409_23254630.jpge0049409_23265156.jpgJust a quick review of my trip to Hokkaido!
The weather in Okhotsk Monbetsu, Abashiri was beautiful, just a little bit chilly of course. -20 degrees!
e0049409_2326249.jpgI'm impressed with a vast extent of white plains covered with thick snow, it must be beautiful during summer with greens and I have to come back summer time.
e0049409_23263590.jpgThis is a pic of Ice Art of Swans, and the real ones in Kussharo Lake. And swans, swans and swans, everywhere :p To be continued...
# by zoomz | 2006-02-20 23:52 | Travel


A knitting update.
Just one sleeve is done today.
Long way to go.


Another Room Shoes! Yeah, this is, the third pair of room shoes this winter. Now my other sis wants me to knit one for her...another long way.


Then I need to buy white yarns for spring sweater ;)
# by zoomz | 2006-02-08 23:58 | Knitting


e0049409_2354034.jpgOne of our close friends family invited us to their resort apartment for the weekend in 嬬恋, the northern Karuizawa. I had wooden cottage sort of house in mind, but it was actually big apartment complex in middle of forest. It looked so neat inside, with a swimming pool, onsen (hot spring) including sauna and bubble bath, and fantastic view of Mt. Asama from massage room. It was more like a hotel with great facilities. Only one thing, we forgot to take a pic of us all together!!!>< We really should have taken some, when we were sleighing and screaming like crazy on the slope! Thank your very much Family A (for short^^) for the fun time together! We still have to go snowboading next time!
# by zoomz | 2006-02-07 22:36 | Travel


e0049409_23415850.jpg(Belated) HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!
Hope you all had a wonderful new year..mine was not the best new year I can say. I was sick and been in bed all day! (and missed a big new year party!><) POOR ME.

Here is Osechi, Japanese traditional food on the New Year, don't they look bright and beautiful :)
A work of Art!
# by zoomz | 2006-01-05 23:48 | Others



My 'the 80's stripe stole' is done, yay me;)
Crochetting is so much fun!
# by zoomz | 2005-12-19 21:53 | Knitting

Random Cartoon

I thought this was funny. What about UN though? Useless Negotiators?:p

# by zoomz | 2005-12-18 14:21


e0049409_22515841.jpgTaking a walk with Ricky in the morning, it was something like -6 degrees, FREEZING FREEZING! ><
e0049409_22521828.jpgTime for tea around a fireplace - here is my new tea pot with a cup underneath.Isn't it neat? It came with make ups that my mom and I have ordered - おまけ☆ Not sure the relationship b/w make ups and tea pot though.whatever, it's cute;) I have lots of readings to be done this week. Now reading 'Japan's Reluctant Realism'..sounds interesting doesnt it :p
# by zoomz | 2005-12-13 23:19 | Others

Sushi Bar


A fabulous sushi restaurant near Sakudaira Station.
Not expensive at all, very fresh with a reasonable price (lunch set ¥850)
- definately one of my favourite suchi restaurants ;)
# by zoomz | 2005-12-11 12:17 | Food



We had the first snow yesterday! i LOVE snow!
Now the world is in silver, lovely view in Karuizawa

Then in Tokyo, another grey day..not pretty at all i can say.
Not that bad in this pic but Tokyo usually looks ugly with cold concrete buildings, car traffic and the crowds..
Oh well, just two more yrs to finish my degree..
# by zoomz | 2005-12-05 21:17 | Others

Arm Warmer

e0049409_1221753.jpgI know this blog is becoming more like my knitting diary..it's funny i wasnt even interested in knitting, (did not know how) then it came as sudden that I really wanted to learn how to knit.

Yesterday we set up christmas ornaments and in the afternooon I studied for Japanese Foreign Policy quiz that's coming up next Tuesday.

And as usual, knitting night on Saturday! :)
Here is my latest accomplishment - an arm warmer. It has to be much longer I realized, but it will do. ^^
# by zoomz | 2005-12-04 12:26 | Others


Just half way through of this thick fluffy muffler that I've been knitting, I realized this won't do as a muffler, it's too wide! こんなに首太くないし、巻けないよこんなの!っと。苦笑。

So I had to think an alternative - 細めpantsとあわせるミニスカート。

Now it turns out as a mini-skirt wearing over pants. It's nice and flexible, incredibly warm!

# by zoomz | 2005-11-27 00:16 | Others


e0049409_0205485.jpgLast few days I kept reminding myself, ' this is an EXAM WEEK! But who can really study for exam all day long..seriously I cannot do that ><

So I started my new project, my goal is this, pictuture above.↑
And I just started with a diffrent colour..このデコボコ感がかわいい~
# by zoomz | 2005-11-24 00:20 | Others


e0049409_23503421.jpge0049409_23524519.jpgThree months ago, I was not able to enjoy art paintings whatsoever, but after taking 'History of Western Arts' course in University, my way of looking at paintings has changed a lot. Now every time when I say I like Salvador Dali, people usually give me a weird look saying 'why??' - I know he is crazy man but that's what makes his art very unique and intersting.
'Genius is only one remove from insanity'
# by zoomz | 2005-11-22 00:03 | Others


e0049409_23325132.jpgThis is what I need, a warm and thick muffler モコモコ系マフラー。
I've got to finish as soon as possible so that I can wear it to school...Freezing in the morning!!!氷点下だもん!それにしてもマフラーはただまっすぐ編むだけ。Good one to practice knitting.
# by zoomz | 2005-11-21 23:24 | Others


e0049409_20565319.jpgNew essay assigned from Sociology class... topic is POVERTY - 'how to eradicate poverty in the world'. I was brain-storming this afternoon and came up with big one word..IMPOSSIBLE! :p I mean, there had always been the rich and the poor in all time in human history. And the world doesnt seem like heading towards socialism or communism either. Very difficult. Plus, I have to finish this within 2-3 pages, that makes it even more difficult to argue such big issue!!!
# by zoomz | 2005-11-19 21:02 | University


Ok, I'm so behind with my studies in University, because I did quite amount of knitting and also slept alot this week, oh well.

e0049409_20324579.jpgSo, this is what I have to read in two weeks time - Global Issues. This is not a kind of book that you can skim over...I will need to take time and concentrate to the statics and figures. No shopping, no movies, no knitting for me next week!
# by zoomz | 2005-11-12 18:24 | University

Knit, knit and knit ☆

This is...hmmm, not a hat...not quite a bag either...somthing I'm working on anyway;) let's see what will it be..!

e0049409_20141685.jpgIf I finish my anthropology essay by this weekend which I doubt I would, >< I will start my new project on something like this pic, a brownish colored muffler..Isn't it pretty?:)
# by zoomz | 2005-11-11 07:03 | University


Did I already mention that I need 8 hours of sleep?
Now this time of season, I need TEN ><;
← the best pic of my dog Ricky!
# by zoomz | 2005-11-10 20:01 | Others

Autumn is definately here..

e0049409_22522228.jpgJust 30 min drive to my local library, I found wonderful colors of autumn..Can you tell a sense of speed from this pic, and how everything was all shiny with the sun?e0049409_22563317.jpg
I love 秋晴れ autmun sunshine, it's the best season of year!e0049409_22564624.jpg
I seriously considered that I would stop by and take a quick walk around this area.
# by zoomz | 2005-11-05 23:11 | Others

Room Shoes♪

e0049409_1742717.jpge0049409_17422273.jpgEach time, I mean to knit something for myself, but I did it again. It's TOO BIG for me, oversized....so I have to give it to somebody....←very reluctuant to give away...:p
# by zoomz | 2005-11-03 08:38 | Others

Time for tea and donuts!

e0049409_1727087.jpgIt was just after lunch and I wasn't going to have donuts...but who in the world can just have a cup of tea without any donuts in a cafe like Mr.Donuts!!

e0049409_17272352.jpgSo I ended up eating Pon de Ring - my favorite omochi-like donuts, and one other with coffee. It was a pleasant time, not too many customers, a warm sun shine over my shoulder.. with a poster of Hiroshi Tamaki looking at me on the front wall! haha!;)     → → → → →
I brought some readings with me but it never came out that afternoon><
# by zoomz | 2005-11-02 17:35 | Food

It's finally done

So I bought digital camera yesterday as I wanted. (at Shibuya Sakuraya) My choice is Sony's CyberShot 5.1M pixels, looking very stylish, fancy! ;) And guess what I've been doing today..how to take a 'good-focused' pics. It's actually not that easy to avoid 手ぶれ..or perhaps i'm simply not a good photographer..><

Here is my hand-made shawl that I have just finished knitting over last weekend...looking good? It's my first shawl ever made, and if you look really closely there is some spot that I screwed up a bit. Oh well, I just won't let anybody to look that closely! ;)
It's light and warm, great for this time of year.
# by zoomz | 2005-10-26 18:08 | Others

Digital Camera

I'm thinking of buying one, but I have no idea which one to buy. I don't need movie/video functions, but most of them usually include that so I have no choice.

e0049409_18335026.jpgReseaching many types, it seems like I have to spend more than 30,000 yen at least, to get a decent ones. More capacity, lighter, thiner ones cost more than 40,000 yen. Well, I guess I can carry big fat bulky ones, as long as it functions well :p Ms Momoko, you got to pick one for me on Tuesday, please. ><
# by zoomz | 2005-10-23 18:47 | Others

Georgia, a hidden country

e0049409_11555220.jpgAnybody know which country this flag belongs to? - Republic of Georgia 【グルジア】 I didn't even know how to spell Georgia from グルジアin Japanese.
e0049409_12121427.jpgStudying International Relations at school, Georgia never appears in international affairs, not that Georgia is less reagarded country but tends to be hidden behind larger powerful country, this case Russia. e0049409_12123337.jpgThe other day, I was impressed by Georgia's traditional music. What I heard/watched was a men chorus, music called ハッサンベックの歌(no idea in english sorry) Men chorus usually refers to maximum 4 voices but holy, there were like 8 men, each singing a different part! Eight voices come together as one music, so beautifully. Talented People!
# by zoomz | 2005-10-22 12:22

Willy Wonka ♪ Williy Wonka♪

e0049409_21415774.jpgNever thought that girlish-looking guy in movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was actually Johnny Depp!! Seriously, he looked so different, in fact, he has numorous acting styles and comes out each time as a different look in movies..what an actor..!
e0049409_21502787.jpgThe movie was cute, a didactic theme with a touch of fantasy.

I liked the music, so unique and funny. (of that little unpa-rumpas..or whatever they call :p) I recommend you to bring a little extra money to the theatre so that you can buy a chocolate bar on the way home after watching the movie! Yep, you will want one :)
# by zoomz | 2005-10-21 22:01 | Others

Onsen, Japanese hot spring is 'my place'!

I like ONSEN very much, for me it is a place where i can put myself aside from all daily thoughts (escaping from reality in other words :))

e0049409_23171633.jpgWhen I go to onsen I enjoy sauna and mizuburo (water bath) and endless talk with people, seeing the moon shining just above. It's a gorgeous time, believe me if you never tried onsen you should experience once in life time.

My favorite onsen is called 'Tonbo no Yu', it's got clean, good quality onsen with fine environment. The picture below is the way to the changing room, to the right is for female and the other side is for men.

e0049409_23173958.jpgIf you could see a little stream at center, that's where people cool down their feet on the way back to the main entrance.

Time flows really slowly here - I like it.
# by zoomz | 2005-09-23 23:24 | Others

Owara Kaze no Bon

An annual traditional festival in Toyama Pref.

Echyu Owarakaze no Bon

I've never been there but many people say it's fantastically beautiful - a slow, graceful dance in a twilight.
Only local single women and men aged up to 25 are allowed to participate in the dance.

This year I might be able to go there at last. I'd have to press my yukata for the festival!
# by zoomz | 2005-08-23 21:32 | Travel

4 days trip to Noto

Like we do for every summer, we drove 6 hours to get to Noto peninsula with friends & family. (Ishikawa Prefecture)


We visited an old shrine which was built in 1268, a great historic sites in Ishikawa Pref. We walked about 10km under strong sun shine and by the time we arrived there, we were all exhausted and we had to take a bus home...><


I like rural areas such as Noto, because there are abundant in nature with less people, and that's where I go back to re-encounter Japanese traditions and costoms.
# by zoomz | 2005-08-21 02:14 | Travel

Huge Tremor hits Tohoku region

Yes, again, another big earthquake.
We have so many of those in recent years...

I was at home, folding my laundries on the table when I felt ground shaking. But only a bit, because here where I live (nagano) is quite far away from a hypocenter which was near Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku.

If similar earthquake hits middle of Tokyo, it will be a chaos! All skysrapers collapse with fire or tsunami might sweep everything away in Tokyo. So scary.

Hope that will never happen in the future (my univ is in Tokyo!)
# by zoomz | 2005-08-17 10:36

Thanks for visiting. Izumi is a Japanese author, designer and teacher who resides in Tsukuba City, Japan. You can contact her at :ouchi DOT izumi AT gmail DOT com
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